ExtraOrdinary Venice Tours

Individual Ambition and Collective Participation

Allegoria Nuziale of Ludovico Rezzonico and Faustina Savorgnan, 1758,

Stories of Individual Ambition and Collective Participation: Ca’ Rezzonico and the Scuola Grande dei Carmini In order to pay for the considerable military expenses needed to fight the Turks during the seventeenth century, the Serenissima Republic conferred the noble rank

Venice, Fortuny and the Belle Époque

Visit Fortuny Palace in Venice

Venice’s Metamorphosis between the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries In the years which saw Venice go from Austrian rule to its annexation to the Kingdom of Italy, the cultural debate and transformations that the “immutable city” underwent would define some fundamental

Hidden Treasures in the San Polo Neighbourhood

Visita la Scuola Grande di San Giovanni Evangelista

Hidden Treasures in the San Polo Neighbourhood: a Scuola Grande and an Oratory The Scuola Grande di San Giovanni Evangelista is one of the oldest confraternities in Venice, founded in 1261 during the period of the Flagellants’ Movement. The acquisition

Miracles, Flagellants and Preachers

visita la chiesa dei Miracoli con Venezia Arte

Miracles, Flagellants and Preachers: Humanism Transforms the City Monuments of artistic mastery and historic relevance are concentrated in an area bordering the two largest districts in Venice: Cannaregio and Castello. The Church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli looks like a

Stories of Crafts, Communities and Saints

Visita la chiesa di Santa Maria Formosa con Venezia Arte

Stories of Crafts, Communities and Saints: the Scuole Piccole This tour is a journey around medieval Venice, the age when the first arts and crafts scuole (confraternities) were established. It begins in the Church of Santa Maria Formosa, which contains

In the Footsteps of the Pilgrim Saints

Venezia Arte vi porta a scoprire il patrimonio diffuso di Venezia

In the Footsteps of the Pilgrim Saints: Saint James and Saint Roch. Retracing the footsteps of two pilgrim saints, Saint James and Saint Roche, takes us into the heart of the oldest and most authentic part of Venice. The tour

Aromas and Colours of 18th Century Venice

scopri profumi e colori con Venezia Arte a palazzo Mocenigo

Aromas and Colours of Eighteenth-Century Venice: Palazzo Mocenigo and the Surrounding Area A discovery of the blithe spirit of the Rococo through its furnishings, fashion, art and aromas of the eighteenth century has to start from Ca’ Mocenigo, the palace

The Time of Merchants and the Time of God

Scoprite il caratteristico mercato di Rialto con Venezia Arte

The Time of Merchants and the Time of God: Rialto, Europe’s Market Since its earliest days, the main commercial and financial activities in Venice took place around Campo di San Giacomo a Rialto, and in the church of the same name

Ceilings of Art and Hidden Masterpieces

Scopri i capolavori di Veronese nella chiesa di San Sebastiano con le guide abilitate di Venezia Arte

Ceilings of Art and Hidden Masterpieces: from Veronese to Tiepolo This itinerary offers a journey into the Venetian painting of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, through some of its most famous practitioners. The tour begins at the Church of San

Ancient Walls, Gardens and Churches

La storia dell'Arsenale di Venezia, il più grande cantiere navale del passato

Ancient Walls, Gardens and Churches: the Secrets of Castello The Castello neighbourhood is full of charm and holds a host of attractions which recount small and big tales of a united and vibrant community. Castello occupies a vast area of

On the Edge of the Empire: Cannaregio

Scoprite la chiesa di Tintoretto con Venezia Arte

On the Edge of the Empire: from the Ghetto to Sant’Alvise The itinerary winds through the Cannaregio neighbourhood, which has preserved its authentically Venetian working-class vibe. From the Ponte delle Guglie we head under a “sotoportego” (archway), which leads to

To Be or to Appear: Ca’ Rezzonico and Casanova

Visit Ca' Rezzonico to discover the glory of Venice in the 18th Century

To Be or to Appear: from Casanova’s Haunts to the Rezzonico Home This itinerary starts with a fascinating walk dedicated to eighteenth-century Venice. It starts with discovering Casanova’s haunts around Campo Santo Stefano before arriving at Ca’ Rezzonico, one of Venice’s most