Aromas and Colours of 18th Century Venice

scopri profumi e colori con Venezia Arte a palazzo Mocenigo

Aromas and Colours of Eighteenth-Century Venice: Palazzo Mocenigo and the Surrounding Area

Mocenigo Palace in Venice: an interesting museum to see Art and Perfumes

Mocenigo Palace, Venice

A discovery of the blithe spirit of the Rococo through its furnishings, fashion, art and aromas of the eighteenth century has to start from Ca’ Mocenigo, the palace owned by the noble Venetian family which furnished the Republic with numerous doges, literary figures, ambassadors and military heroes.

In the sumptuous rooms you can discover the eighteenth-century passion for floral motifs, soft shapes, delicate hues and pastel tones which dominate the furniture and costumes, and which celebrate the joie de vivre on the age. A section of the palace is dedicated to perfume. Here we can learn about and actually smell the various bouquets of essences that the master perfumers mixed to create lotions, creams and fragrances, and whose recipes are still used today.

Leaving the splendour of Ca’ Mocenigo, we continue towards Rialto Market, the large emporium which pricked Shakespeare’s imagination:

Discover the typical Rialto's Market with Venezia Arte's guides

Rialto’s marketplace

it was one of the most important places in his The Merchant of Venice and it is where we will talk about the goods and traffic, merchants, noblemen and colourful locals who frequented it.

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: 150,00 €

The tour includes entering the following:

  • Palazzo Mocenigo Museum: Adults 8,00 €- Students: 5,50 €
  • Church of San Stae: Adults 3,00 € – Students: 1,50 €

In accordance with the aims of our statute, a percentage of the tour fee will go towards a fund dedicated to the safeguarding and restoration of minor art in Venice.