Ancient Walls, Gardens and Churches

La storia dell'Arsenale di Venezia, il più grande cantiere navale del passato

Ancient Walls, Gardens and Churches: the Secrets of Castello

Discover the Church of San Pietro di Castello, the first Cathedral of Venice, with Venezia Arte

Saint Peter’s Church in Castello, Venice

The Castello neighbourhood is full of charm and holds a host of attractions which recount small and big tales of a united and vibrant community. Castello occupies a vast area of the city, whose development was always linked to the presence of the Arsenale, the Serenissima Republic’s gigantic shipyard enclosed by kilometres of Renaissance walls and surrounded by the old lodgings of the Arsenalotti (carpenters and caulkers) and their bosses.

There is no shortage of precious artistic and cultural sites, such as the imposing Church of San Pietro, situated on the margins of the residential area, which was once the seat of the Patriarch of Venice (1451-1807).

It is a large monumental complex erected on the island known as Olivolo, characterised by an unusual bell tower in white Istrian stone and a charming semi-abandoned cloister, which is now home to some apartments.

Nearby is the almost unknown Church of San Francesco di Paola, home of the Arsenale galley-men’s scuola (confraternity), where the Querini family had the right to be buried, and the frescoed Church of San Giuseppe, (in Venetian dialect Sant’Isepo) in which the remains of the famous Doge and great admiral lie.

San Giuseppe di Castello, a treasure to be discovered in the most hidden area of Venice

Ceiling of Saint Joseph’s church

Close by is the small Church of San Martino, which also contains extraordinary frescoes and is the resting place of Doge Francesco Erizzo.

Duration: 2 hours

Costo: 150,00 € 

The tour includes entering the following:

  • Church of San Pietro di Castello: adulti 3,00 € – studenti 1,50 €
  • Church of San Giuseppe: adulti 3,00 € – studenti 1,50 €
  • Church of San Martino: offerta (la visita è possibile solo compatibilmente con gli orari apertura)
  • Church of  San Francesco di Paola: offer (the tour is possible only if compatible with the church’s opening times)

In accordance with the aims of our statute, a percentage of the tour fee will go towards a fund dedicated to the safeguarding and restoration of minor art in Venice.