Stories of Crafts, Communities and Saints

Visita la chiesa di Santa Maria Formosa con Venezia Arte

Stories of Crafts, Communities and Saints: the Scuole Piccole

This tour is a journey around medieval Venice, the age when the first arts and crafts scuole (confraternities) were established. It begins in the Church of Santa Maria Formosa, which contains antique altars of the scuole: those of the fruit and vegetable sellers, dowry or packing chest builders, wool and silk cloth buffers, artillerymen and cannonball smelters.

The Scuola Dalmata of Saints George and Tryphon

The Dalmatian Fraternity of Saint George

In that period, thousands of pilgrims arrived in Venice to embark for the Holy Land. They found spiritual and material assistance at the hostels founded by the Knights Hospitaller, such as the Ospedale di Santa Caterina, in Calle dei Furlani. Inside this complex, in the scuola of the Dalmatian community, a confraternity – known as “degli Schiavoni” – was instituted in 1451, offering aid to Dalmatian sailors, soldiers and emigrants. Having survived the Napoleonic suppressions, it houses one of the most extraordinary pictorial cycles of the early Venetian Renaissance. Painted by Vittore Carpaccio between 1502 and 1511, it illustrates the stories of George, Tryphon and Jerome, the three titular saints.

The old pilgrim route passed in front of the Church of Santo Giovanni in Bragora, which overlooks the waterfront from whence the ships set sail.

The Church of Saint John in Bragora - Venice

The Church of Saint John in Venice

The church is home to noteworthy paintings by Cima da Conegliano, Bartolomeo and Alvise Vivarini, as well as containing the relics of Saint John the Merciful, Patriarch of Alexandria of Egypt, which today is the destination of Greek Orthodox pilgrims.

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: 150,00 €

The tour includes visits inside the following:

  • Church of Santa Maria Formosa: Adults 3,00 € – Students 1,50 €
  • Scuola Dalmata of Saints Jerome and Tryphon: Adults 5,00 €- Students 3,00 €
  • Church of San Giovanni in Bragora: offer

In accordance with the aims of our statute, a percentage of the tour fee will go towards a fund dedicated to the safeguarding and restoration of minor art in Venice.