Sustainable Venice

Venezia Arte per un turismo sostenibile

Promoting sustainable tourism means properly understanding the value and uniqueness of a place and the community inhabiting it, as well as adopting appropriate behaviour so as not to alter its identity and integrity. Supporting a more sustainable tourism also means changing the way tourism influences the everyday life of a destination, guiding more efficiently and responsibly the choices of the local tour operators and visitors who work in and visit a site of Outstanding Universal Value such as Venice and its lagoon.

Visiting “Venice and its lagoon”, a UNESCO site since 1987, can be an extraordinary and unforgettable experience, but only if the visitor manages to synchronise with the spirit of the place and understand its limitations and precarious situation, consequently adapting their desires, expectations and behaviour.

Venezia Arte has made UNESCO’s guidelines on sustainable tourism its own. It emphasises the importance of supporting a responsible form of tourism in order to guarantee the sustainability of the city’s culture and instil visitors’ awareness through personal and authentic accounts of the places visited, in which the past serves to explain the present so that any small sacrifice they are asked to make is accepted as necessary for a unique and once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Venezia Arte has created “Venezia ExtraOrdinaria” (ExtraOrdinary Venice), a series of artistic and cultural activities throughout the city of Venice, specifically chosen to show that Venice can be visited and experienced sustainably and responsibly. Our itineraries introduce you to the fundamental socio-anthropological aspects of Venice, which are not always sufficiently developed.

The “ExtraOrdinary Venice” project piqued the interest of the m.a.c. lab Arts Culture Management Laboratory of Ca’ Foscari University and was an unexpected success during the Art Night 2016 event.

Venezia Arte is sustainable!