Our Mission

Venezia Arte per un turismo sostenibile

Venezia Arte at the Service of Culture

Venezia Arte organises and promotes cultural initiatives and guided tour programmes in Venice, its Lagoon and the Veneto Villas, placing particular attention on the diversification of the culture and tourism on offer. It also focuses on local traditions and craftsmanship, with the aim of encouraging visitors to choose sustainable tourism, inviting them to discover the more authentic Venice and its traditions.

The Venezia Arte cultural heritage guides love evoking the beauty of the city by creating accessible stories that are easy to understand.

Venezia Arte for Sustainable Tourism

For years Venezia Arte has been involved in promoting alternative itineraries to support sustainable and responsible tourism. Venezia Arte’s cultural range consists of guided tours which take Italian and foreign visitors around Venice far from the busiest parts of the city, transforming every single tour into a highly sustainable cultural experience.

Venezia Arte believes that these principles are indispensable for actively contributing to the safeguarding of our heritage and for creating, through a mindful and culturally gratifying visit, a sense of shared responsibility.

Venezia Arte for Promoting and Safeguarding Venice’s Cultural Heritage

Venezia Arte creates tour experiences aimed at illustrating and introducing both the places and the heritage communities living and working in them to this day. We think this is the best way to support the area and its cultural and human heritage, promoting an active tutelage and strengthening the visitor’s awareness of the imprint of the past in our everyday life and traditions.

Another aim in our association’s statute is our commitment to the safeguarding of Venice’s artistic heritage, for example through the promotion of fundraising initiatives for the restoration of artworks.